Canoe/ Kayak Trailers
Made in Ireland Built to Order

Canoe/Kayak Trailers Made in Ireland Built to Order.
Manufactured by Greg J Casey engineering/steel fabricators.

We hope you will spend some time with us looking at our products .

On the View Products page you will find photos of our trailers and other related canoe storage products. You will also find more information on our Technical Specifications page.

We built our first canoe trailer in Ireland over 20 years ago and since then we have worked with our customers to constantly improve the design and quality of our product. All our high quality products are available at competitive prices.

The most popular and versatile model is the GCT 12/14. It has the capacity to carry a variety of open canoes and kayaks. A weldmesh storage basket can be fitted to the base of the chassis for storing paddles, head gear, etc. leaving the racks clear for canoes (standard fitting on GCT12/14 Braked Canoe Trailer).

The GCT Open Canadian Canoe/Kayak galvanised trailer can be viewed in the View Products page

Based on our tried and tested zinc galvanised chassis it is designed to take up to 8 open canoes or a combination of canoes and kayaks.

A galvanised sheet steel closed paddle box can also be supplied as an optional extra.

We can also adapt our canoe trailers to suit our customers specifications.

All canoe trailers are built to order. Manufactured by Greg J Casey engineering/steel fabricators.
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